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Rates and registration

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14 lessons of 15 minutes

Float! (grades 0-3)

Independently roll over to float and breath. Fully clothed.

540 euro (private class only)

16 lessons of 15 minutes

Swim-float-swim (grades 0-5)

Independently roll over to float and breath. Children from walking age learn to kick and roll over from back to belly and cross a distance.

720 euro (private class only)

Lessons of 30 minutes


Teach your child to swim-float-swim in a small group! Lets have some fun while learning!

58 euro per 4 weken (max. 6 students)

Lessons of 30 minutes

Diplomaswimming (grades 6-10)

After grade 5, children learn everything that is needed to swim for their official swimming diploma. This diploma meets the national standards of diploma C.

75 euro per 4 weeks (max. 3 students)

15 minute private lessons


Follow the learn-to-swim program step by step and learn to selfrescue.

120 euro per 4 weeks (private lessons)

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